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Hello World

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Hey there fellow arena members,

I don't really know what to say about myself aside from the fact that if you have problems going on and need someone to help you out I am the guy to ask. I really love helping people out with any issues they are having because I want people to have the best experience possible. But further I am just an all around nerd that loves to dabble in everything, I started out learning to program on my own, which I later went to school for software development. I have been involved in many communities over the years, and also absolutely love when the community can create tools / content for the game. So I am really looking forward to seeing what type of members we have in the community and what they have for us from their character to their different unique talents.

I am often around, so if you need me either check the discord or you can find me in the TFA launcher.


See you in the arena!

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