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Exclusive Membership Program

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Exclusive Membership Program
Pay (n) amount for monthly membership to help support the game.


(n) Sparks per Month

(1) Exclusive Supporter Skin per Month
(n) Exclusive Challenges for Supporters to earn Tokens

Private Membership section on the Official Forum (For discussions / ideas / direct communication) with the development team.


@Minac Please let me know what you think of this idea, it is something that I would be more than happy to do personally which is why I wanted to make a suggestions of incorporating this into the community as a way to help support the development of the game. Obviously it is not a requirement, but for those that want to help support the development of the game it gives them a way to do so while also getting small rewards in exchange.

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Not sure about that one.

We already overload our users with things they can purchase to support the game: Battle Pass, Weekly Skins & Sparks.

I think we are going to pass on this idea, simply because at the end of the day, our goal is to create a fun environment, where players can also not spend a single dime, and be able to have fun and acquire skins, sparks and battle pass for free. I have recently announced on Discord that we are going to add more objectives for people to grind (free to do so) and with the tokens they receive for completing objectives, they will be able to redeem real life items, sparks, battle pass, specific set of skins, as well as any third party partners products.

We do appreciate your feedback and suggestion. It is not a bad one 🙂  Just not something I believe is required.

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