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Patch Note 1.2.28

Patch Note 1.2.26  

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PATCH NOTES - v1.2.28 

- Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors.
- Overall map lighting improvements on Origin and Exodus.
- Added Report a Bug button that redirects players to our forums.
- Fixed invisible gun animation while spectating a teammate
- Fixed Origin Map bugs found by the community members. Thanks!
- Shop Melee Category removed and fixed.
- The roll animation on Exodus when you slide is now the same for both teams.
- New Slide Animation Particles in the back of players while sliding.

- You can now use Q key to equip the latest used weapon.\
- Introducing the Defuser & Defuser Animation.

- New batch of skins 2018-11-15. Get them before they are out of the shop!
- Added New batch of Skins to the Item Shop.
- Improvements with the installer & downloader
- Few bug fixes.
- Fixed an issue with some users not being able to purchase skins.

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12 hours ago, BrandWon said:

im happy with a lot of these changes but have you guys fixed the 3rd person glitch? 

No, its a rare bug. If you get it often, please record a video and show us the steps you do before getting that bug, will help us a lot.

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I really like the feel of the slide with the particles, and I don't know how many people actually use it but I love the ability to tap Q to switch between two specific weapons selections. But further more I really love the changes to the bomb plant and defuse, to be honest I would like to see something more done with the planting.. but I love the defuse gun. I am absolutely without a doubt 100% a big fan of the Report a Bug button in the menu now. I feel like that is something that should have existed from the very beginning of the games, because it is absolutely vital to allow people to easily report bugs.

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