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Patch Note 1.2.24

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PATCH NOTES - v1.2.24 

- Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors.
- Overall map lighting improvements on Origin and Exodus.
- Added Report a Bug button that redirects players to our forums.
- Improved Scoreboard with Latency information of players in-game.
- Fixed Scoreboard issue when you could not run around while having scoreboard open.
- Changed the spawns in both Exodus and Origin. It is now a UFO Ship.
- Added Brightness Bar in video settings.

- Nothing new to report.

- New batch of skins 2018-11-08. Get them before they are out of the shop!

- Added New batch of Skins to the Item Shop.
- Improvements with the installer & downloader
- Few bug fixes.
- Servers Clean up

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17 hours ago, Nosay said:

good morning, I wanted to know when they will add servers in Latin America?

Once the user base grows, we will add more servers all around the World. For now, we do not want to divide our user base in more than EU + NA.

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