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PATCH NOTES - v1.2.19

- Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors.
- Overall map lighting improvements on Origin and Exodus.
- New Slide Animation on Exodus. Working on giving it more responsiveness and air acceleration.
- Introducing UNDO button in the in-game shop. Until you leave spawn, you can undo your latest transactions.
- New Scoreboard with the possibility to Mute a player in-game.

- Nothing new to report. We are still getting and analyzing feedback on the last update that featured new hitboxes & FOV.

- New Halloween Limited Time Edition skins. 2018-10-31. Get them before they are out of the shop!
- Introducing a new Knife mesh available only during Halloween: Butcher Knife.

- Fixed missing icons & font.
- Added Halloween Skins to the Item Shop.
- Fixed equip & unequipped bug.
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I absolutely love what has been done with the Exodus map, the post-processing looks amazing, and then the amount of detail put into the effects throughout the map are just mind blowing. Keep up the great work Phoenix Rising Studio, you guys are providing some really high quality amazing content here. I even love what you did with the slide on the pyramid it definitely handles the boosting off the pyramid.. however it has a bug where you can run into someone and then they will go flying. Regardless, I am amazingly pleased with this latest update, and cannot wait to make some videos to show off the new lighting, and effects.







See you in the arena!

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