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Patch Note 1.2.16

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PATCH NOTES - v1.2.16

This update focuses mainly on gameplay with some nice additions that we believe will make a great difference in the game.
- Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors.

- Hit boxes are now a little bit bigger. This will help with the gameplay feeling. 

- Field of View can be set in Video Settings up to 120.
- New Capture Point Cap System. It is now easier to cap the point as the round progresses.
- New Chat System. We redesigned and made it look better.
- New Spawn Area. Our Artists redesigned the spawn. Much more to offer than the previous ones.
- VIVOX Voice Chat Fixed. You can now communicate with your teammates and when someone is talking, you will see the Voice UI on his avatar.

- New skin collection integration for 2018-10-24 (Not integrated in the Launcher yet).
- Nothing to report.
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Really excited for this next update, glad to hear that we now have voice communication in-game again that has been a real problem. Also extremely happy to see the tuning to the hitbox that will make the bullet registration feel much cleaner. But most of all I am absolutely in love with the new spawn design, not only is it new user friendly, it is absolutely beautiful! Finally the new chat design was a really nice touch to the game, making the chat really fit the new direction.  Looking forward to all future updates coming to the arena, but most importantly the process of making sure that they are not broken before releasing.


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3 hours ago, Claudiu2222XX said:

Dope af . Got the nade skin and im in love with it 

Good to hear you like our latest skins addition 🙂 

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