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  1. Ekwy

    Server Management Idea

    Basically a server browser which regroups MM and 3rd party servers
  2. Here is an idea I had a couple months ago which most likely got lost in the Discord #community-input section : Servers displayed BY A SORTABLE LIST. Servers contained would include : Phoenix Rising Studio Servers from MM and 3RD Party Servers Attributes displayed for each server : Server name / Player Count (X players out of Y total, X/Y) / Mode (Considering you guys talked about making multiple modes in the future) / Provider (Phoenix Rising Studio or name of the authorized 3rd party) / Client's ping on this server / Server's Region / surely some others I didn't think of just now Every attribute can be sorted to ease the client's work. Adding filters would also ease the client's work. MM games would basically search from the pool of active mm servers or to be created ones to transfer players in queue. Let me know what you guys think about this idea!
  3. DropZone Tunnel shouldn't be see through in the beginning. It should be solid to avoid the situation shown above where you can ghost the whole ennemy team.
  4. Sensitivity is currently lock to a maximum of a 100, but some users might want to have higher sensitivity for unknown reasons even though it is not recommended. To allow this, I would suggest that the slider goes from 0 to 100, but allow the user to click on the number to modify it to a higher value.
  5. I think the time shrinking on capture point should be done every 45 seconds over 1 minute. A round should last a maximum of 3 minutes. At the 3 minute mark, the site should be at its last stage where it is very fast to capture!
  6. Ekwy

    Grenades Hit

    Grenades can hit through walls, oopsie. The clip is pretty self-explanatory.
  7. Game randomly crashed in the middle of the game. The clip is self-explanatory.
  8. Also, inventory should be able to use the 3D display just like the shop, but with our current float!
  9. Ekwy

    In-Game Improvement Requests

    Forgot to mention : Make a key binding for FPS display and make it refresh once every second.. its current refreshing speed makes it very hard to read.
  10. Also, forgot to mention to add IN-GAME SETTINGS editing to through launcher
  11. Here is a list of improvements / features which I think would benefit the community : Crosshair Customization Gap scaling per +1 should be less Crosshair size scaling per +1 should be less Shop Menu Switch from a 3D element to a 2D print on the client's screen In-Game Settings Add a description box for EVERY setting (New users will find it easier to understand what they don't know and won't have to Google or just get lost) Blops4 is a great example Nades Improve bouncing noises Maps Manually check EVERY corner to push a final complete fix for the invisible wall bullet/nade collision issue. Avoid small gaps in the level design (Woods is a good example of small gaps with the fences and the wooden poles) Avoid adding too many props (Woods is a good example where we can see alot of useless vases, cups, etc.) Add emphasis on designing maps which allow smart use of smokes and grenades Animations Smoothen bomb plant/defuse Smoothen landing Smoothen grenade throw
  12. Here is a list of features / improvements I would like to see in the Launcher : LEADERBOARD Display : Remove players under X amount of games Rendering Optimization Sorting Optimization BATTLEPASS MENU When opened, start the display at the next upgrade available Change the reward rows to an horizontal scrollbar which you could use MWHEELUP and MWHEELDOWN to go through it or scratch off that menu and completely redo it FRIEND LIST (Use LoL Launcher Friend List as a reference) Do it as a FILE BROWSER where files are friends Possibility to bind an alias to a friend's account (Would stick even though they change their name 234 times) SEARCH FEATURE : Find through ALIAS or USERNAME UX / UI UI Standardization General rule on how a button responds Standardization should go all the way to in-game menus (shop, settings, ..) Prioritize learning by analogy Make a better use of closures Reduce amount of text Prefer explicit ICONS and IMAGES Responsiveness Streaming Unable to use window capture with OBS on TFA Launcher https://support.streamlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/219117137-Black-screen-window-capturing- OTHERS Automatic switch of CHALLENGES and SKINS over manually swapping them with an update Switch from NEWS to CHAT is odd, transition doesn't feel smooth