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  1. Fear

    Phase II of Early Access

    @Minac, Really looking forward to the amazing improvements that Phase II will bring to the game as a whole but also the overall growth of the community. I am also really looking forward to a more complete and solid feeling game because of all the Q/A testing that you are planning on doing in order to catch the problems before releasing into Phase II. I feel it is absolutely important that you are making sure the game feels fluid in performance, looks good, and ultimately functions as intended. If this means the servers being down for a while, then so be it.. because this is one of the biggest and smartest decision that you have made for the overall game. So many people were coming and going, and we had no real way to retain those players, we could only offer hopes of better stuff in the future. Really looking forward to seeing the results of a Q/A driven Phase II and what is brought to the table. I have been talking about how important the Q/A testing really is since the time I joined this community. Looks like 2019 is going to be a big year for The Forge Arena, and more importantly that Phase II of Early Access is where it will happen! -See you in the arena soon!
  2. Exclusive Membership Program Pay (n) amount for monthly membership to help support the game. Rewards (n) Sparks per Month (1) Exclusive Supporter Skin per Month (n) Exclusive Challenges for Supporters to earn Tokens Private Membership section on the Official Forum (For discussions / ideas / direct communication) with the development team. @Minac Please let me know what you think of this idea, it is something that I would be more than happy to do personally which is why I wanted to make a suggestions of incorporating this into the community as a way to help support the development of the game. Obviously it is not a requirement, but for those that want to help support the development of the game it gives them a way to do so while also getting small rewards in exchange.
  3. Fear

    Recent Bugs

    Not certain what causing the gun to jam when firing , but it is a very random unpredictable error that does exist in the game. I have never seen any issues where getting shot through walls is a thing aside from if the level did not load for the user at which point they are no longer seeing the walls or anything just everyone in the map. I am curious about this "Reload Hacks" because I have tried doing reload cancels to quick reload, and it has not yet worked for me. That last problem has to do with the player input buffer not being cleared on death. I have noticed it occurring quite often, and although it is not a major game breaking issue it does need resolved. Keep finding and reporting those bugs!
  4. Fear

    Ingame Countdown Broke

    Yeah this happens sometimes though rare, and unfortunately the only solution is for everyone to quit out. Might be hard to locate the cause for this particular problem.
  5. Fear

    Battle Pass Progression Bug

    Yes, this is a known issue Just try not to repeatedly click the claim button. People have been advised against this when it was originally brought up. Accidents happen, when things are not quite working correctly, but I am sure anyone caught exploiting this will have a penalty.
  6. Fear

    Patch Note 1.2.28

    I really like the feel of the slide with the particles, and I don't know how many people actually use it but I love the ability to tap Q to switch between two specific weapons selections. But further more I really love the changes to the bomb plant and defuse, to be honest I would like to see something more done with the planting.. but I love the defuse gun. I am absolutely without a doubt 100% a big fan of the Report a Bug button in the menu now. I feel like that is something that should have existed from the very beginning of the games, because it is absolutely vital to allow people to easily report bugs.
  7. Fear

    White Screen in Launcher

    Sometimes members will experience times where their launcher just opens to a white screen and does not load any further. This problem does not have a specific reasoning as to why it might occur but there are a few things that you can do to fix this problem. Ultimately this white screen means the application failed to be loaded. The first thing you can check is that your internet is working correctly by running a speed test CLICK HERE, If you run a speed test and find that there is no issue with your internet connection, then the next thing you should check is your firewall & anti-virus software. Another easy step that you can try is restarting your computer. (This has worked for a few people, because the problem was an update needing to be installed on their computer.) If you are still continuing to have problems there is a more complicated solution that might work, that involves deleting stored launcher data. (You will have to set the audio on the launcher, and tell it to remember your email all over again.) CLOSE THE LAUNCHER BEFORE FOLLOWING THIS PROCESS Step1. Click the folder icon on your desktop. Step 2. In the address bar type %appdata% and then press enter. Step 3. Highlight and Delete the folder labeled TFA Launcher and close the folder. Right click the "The Forge Arena.exe" and left click Run as Administrator. Enter in your information, and have fun! Don't forget to click remember me, and fix your launcher settings. See you in the arena. -Fear
  8. Fear

    Patch Note 1.2.19 + Halloween Skins

    I absolutely love what has been done with the Exodus map, the post-processing looks amazing, and then the amount of detail put into the effects throughout the map are just mind blowing. Keep up the great work Phoenix Rising Studio, you guys are providing some really high quality amazing content here. I even love what you did with the slide on the pyramid it definitely handles the boosting off the pyramid.. however it has a bug where you can run into someone and then they will go flying. Regardless, I am amazingly pleased with this latest update, and cannot wait to make some videos to show off the new lighting, and effects. -Fear See you in the arena!
  9. Fear

    A shoulder to lean on.

    Welcome to The Forge Arena see you in the arena soon.
  10. When a member tried to install DirectX an error occurred causing the drivers to fail to install. The solution to this problem: If you have a firewall, temporarily disable it while trying to install the DirectX drivers because it is a web installer and has to download from the internet. Also, disable your anti-virus software while running the installation. After you have installed the DirectX drivers be sure to re-enable both your firewall, and anti-virus software. Stay Safe! -Fear See you in the arena.
  11. A few members have noticed that this name for the weapon looks like it might have been a typo, can we get confirmation if the intended name of this skin was supposed to be Oni instead of Obi? If it was an intended name, please disregard this post. -Fear See you in the arena.
  12. Fear

    Defuse Bug

    Yep, this is definitely a game changing issue when you can be around a corner and defuse the bomb. I agree 100% that this is something that needs to be adjusted in the code for the distance in which the player can stand away from the bomb while defusing. It seems to me from a logic stand point that this would be a minor tweak of the code, definitely hoping to see this adjustment made. Of course if there is a logical counter argument as to why this should exist, I am down to hear that side as well.. but it just seems like a mistake in the code for the defuse feature as @Yuppy pointed out here. This has been a pretty active discussion among the community, and I hope seeing this problem listed here allows it to get a little extra light. -Fear See you in the arena.
  13. Hey @Goku 多 So sorry that you are having issues with running the game, the good news is that you are just missing some Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages which can be downloaded and installed for your operating system HERE Please let me know if this resolves the problem you are having, so that this can be marked as a resolved problem. Click download: Choose the version for your PC: Run vc_redist.x64.exe and follow on screen instructions: Once you have finished, it is recommended that you restart your PC. Enjoy playing the game! -Fear See you in the arena.
  14. Fear

    Drop Zone Tunnel

    Yikes, that could be quite a problem. I do however believe that putting a layer of fog towards the top of the hole would completely mitigate this problem completely. Did not even realize this one a thing until after seeing this post, I hope no one is taking advantage of it.
  15. Fear

    Screen shake

    I feel that the field of view is a great feature to have in the game, I do not notice screen shake.. in fact I was not aware that we had such a thing. But I play 120 FOV, have not really messed around with fine tuning it since the patch. Definitely going to play around with it a bit more based on the information in here.