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    Phase II of Early Access

    I mean't it in a good way as in it is good and exciting that you guys make a decision like this so allow for your game to get better as all this info allows for better gameplay.
  2. Yuppy

    Defuse Bug

    1. There is currently a bug that makes you allowed to defuse from a really far distance away and for no reason. This isn't really a bug, since it is more of a "feature" that is unintended that happened to sneak into the game. This does really need to be addressed since this can make or break some games for people. 2. Also if you could possibly try to get the site secured so it does not say that dumb "Not secure" thing that would be awesome.
  3. Yuppy

    TFA Official Tournament

    The First ever The Forge Arena Official Tournament! Please make sure to sign up! SIGN UP NOW!
  4. Yuppy

    Capture Point Time Shrinking

    This would not be a very bad idea but we really need to know what the time is looking like right now to be able to compare it since we don't know how much it is being effected right now.
  5. Yuppy

    Gun Balance Feeback

    Yea I hope so I am very interested in the way you will come at this adjustment. Since you are adding a lot of things that will require the money to be bought in the game and the winning team will have the biggest advantage by about 2-3 rounds and I know that is the whole point. The winning team should get rewarded for winning but if you are at that big of a loss it can be hard to come back since it is first to 10 which can sometimes go by fast especially if you are down by like 2-3 rounds. Not a lot to work with their to "get back on your feet" but we will see what you do.
  6. Yuppy

    Gun Balance Feeback

    I mean mags would be a decent idea but until round loss bonus is added I don’t think that will be a good idea since the losing team will be completely screwed because they cannot buy anything and there hopefully will be no such thing as a Extended mag as I feel that has no place in this game but that can also be up for debate.
  7. Right now some of the guns seem too powerful and some seem very under powered. ASSAULT RIFLES AK | As some of us know the AK is about a 5 shot body shot and a 2 shot headshot. In case you get 1 headshot it then requires 3 more body shots to get a kill meaning that it takes 1 less bullet away from body shots. This does not really make sense since you are not really getting rewarded for getting that headshot. The 5 shot body and 2 shot headshots are fine since they seem balanced, but if you get a headshot it should then require 2 more body shots to get that kill in order to reward you for that shot to the head. M4 | So this weapon has fast fire rate making it dangerous in close range fights meaning that the AK should lose to the M4 in most cases. My incite on this stuff is absolutely nothing since I do not use this weapon and I do not see it in matches that much. There definitely needs to be something done about this but maybe someone can reply with what they think the "move" on this weapon should be. FAMAS | Due to the low bullet count in the gun a lot of people do not use it. This gun also takes about 6 body shots and possibly 3-4 headshots. I am also not sure how to fix this weapon as it does have a faster fire rate than the M4 which should make it more dangerous in a close range fight but it is not used at all. Maybe someone has a idea on what to do with a reply. SMGS HONEYBADGER | The gun has a fast fire rate and a decent damage to it. This is my most preferred smg out of the bunch. The gun has a damage ratio but the problem that I see with it is the sight. Long ago it was said that there was not more circle sights but somehow we got a circle site back again. This makes it hard to aim with the weapon and you are pretty limited to what you can see while shooting the weapon. If this sight it changed I am sure that this gun is balanced. UMP | The gun used to be really overpowered and now throughout updates it has been nerfed into the ground. The fire rate on this weapon is incredibly low and the damage is hard to tell since the fire rate is so low you cannot really tell what the damage feels like on it. When being used the low fire rate makes the weapons recoil from the sight really weird and makes it hard to see when shooting those super slow shots. The way to fix this is to possibly increase the fire rate BY A LITTLE to just see how it goes from there. P90 | The mini-mini gun, high fire rate, a ton of bullets, and a low damage amount. Overall the gun does seem pretty balanced and can be really lethal in a gunfight. Although sometimes the 50 bullets in the mag can be a never ending spray of bullets into a direction of a enemy it can be hard to get by sometimes. This gun really seems fine but again that can be up for debate. Also this weapon does not cost that much but you get a ton out of it. I think that the UMP needs to be the lowest followed by the P90 then the HoneyBadger being the "best." Pistols GLOCK | The glock is the starter pistol and is definitely not the best to use. Although it can still be used effectively it is really just a lot of the RNG of bullet spread and not being able to aim down the sights and see to well. Although when the FOV bug/problem is fixed this should fix this problem since you should be able to see more. DEAGLE | This pistol is definitely the most preferred out of all of them since it does the most damage and work. I am not too sure what to tell you on this gun since it is pretty good as is. USP | Used to be the the best pistol because of the damage and how many bullets it can hold. Since this weapon does not do too much damage it really is not worth buy as of right now you might as well just save or go with the deagle. Damage just needs to go up a tad to be able to compete with them in pistol rounds so that way there it is worth buying. SNIPERS BARRET | The sniper is still a huge powerhouse in the game and it is supposed do be that way. But as of right now you can just send off shot after shot after shot sometimes and get this kills way to fast. The best way to fix this is to decrease fire rate by a little and to increase scope in time making it the way it is supposed to be. Other than that it does seem fine since after those fixes then the other guns should win in point blank situations unless a noscope occurs which can sometimes happen since the weapon is so accurate while hipfiring. DRAGUNOV | Sounds like a cannon but does not do very much damage. The gun needs to be at least a 1 shot headshot but about a 3-4 shot body shot. The hip fire accuracy on both snipers seem to be amazing since especially this gun is really only able to be used while hipfiring. I do have to say that the gunshot audio for this weapon is amazing. NOTE: All of this is just my opinion it might not all be correct to you. This is just what I have observed from playing. If you have any suggestions especially to the guns I do not know much about please reply with what you think using a similar format for ease of eye.
  8. Yuppy

    Big Tournaments

    In order for tournaments like these you will really need to get spectating implemented. This would allow for players to play competitively as well as start to gain some viewer base for the game.