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  1. Titan

    [FIXED] Skin equipping bug

    I have the Negative Barret skin and the Choke Barret skin but when I try to equip the Negative skin it says both the Choke and Negative are both equipped. I tried to equip the default skin to unequip them both but the Negative stays Highlighted. When they are both equipped the Choke is the one that shows up in game but I want to use the Negative =/ https://gyazo.com/bab9481603b3b69fdbf52c4f0fc44247
  2. Titan

    Screen shake

    Sweet. Thank you.
  3. Titan

    Screen shake

    Minac anyway you guys would add an option so when you ADS it doesn't change your FOV?
  4. Titan

    Screen shake

    nah not the recoil but maybe what I mean is that ever since the new FOV update when you zoom in it also makes you FOV smaller. Which I personally don't like. But when you shoot it just feels way more shaky now.
  5. Titan

    Screen shake

    When shooting a gun I think that your screen shouldn't shake as much as it does. Also when you are shooting and get shot by an enemy the shake is just way to much too see everything. So if possible please reduce the screen shaking some and see how everyone feels about it.
  6. Titan

    Sniper shots

    When using the Barrett if you shoot at an enemy and they are sideways you will almost always get a hit marker. I was just playing a game and this happened and since I didn't get the kill he turned around and killed me. I shot right at his chest level so if he was facing me he would have died, but since he wasn't I got a hit marker.
  7. Titan

    Big Tournaments

    Me too!