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  1. PATCH NOTES - v1.2.19 GAME CLIENT - Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors. - Overall map lighting improvements on Origin and Exodus. - New Slide Animation on Exodus. Working on giving it more responsiveness and air acceleration. - Introducing UNDO button in the in-game shop. Until you leave spawn, you can undo your latest transactions. - New Scoreboard with the possibility to Mute a player in-game. GAMEPLAY - Nothing new to report. We are still getting and analyzing feedback on the last update that featured new hitboxes & FOV. SKINS - New Halloween Limited Time Edition skins. 2018-10-31. Get them before they are out of the shop! - Introducing a new Knife mesh available only during Halloween: Butcher Knife. LAUNCHER - Fixed missing icons & font. - Added Halloween Skins to the Item Shop. - Fixed equip & unequipped bug.
  2. Minac

    [FIXED] Skin equipping bug

    Will be fixed in the new update
  3. Minac

    Defuse Bug

    Noted. I agree on Point 1.
  4. Pretty sure we wanted to call it OBI, but I will double check. Either way, changing that name would not be as simple as saying it. So I guess it will be OBI
  5. Minac

    Gun Balance Feeback

    We will balance the economy properly, and it would not be an issue.
  6. Minac

    Gun Balance Feeback

    The economy will change as well.
  7. Minac

    Gun Balance Feeback

    We will not decrease reload time because we have some mags on the way that will make it reload faster. Do not forget the game is not final, and there are still new features to come
  8. Minac

    Screen shake

    Possible. We can add it to the pipeline.
  9. Minac

    Download Problems

    Close your Launcher. Launch it again but Run is as Administrator Should fix your issue.
  10. Minac

    Screen shake

    I see. I guess its all about preferences. You can adjust your FOV to what you are more comfortable with. I play at 103 (Like Overwatch and other games). For me FOV is a game changer.
  11. Minac

    Screen shake

    Could you please provide any screenshots or videos of what you mean? By what you are saying, just seems like you do not like the recoils.
  12. Minac

    Drop Zone Tunnel

    We should prob add a layer of intense fog at the beginning, so that way you jump into the cloud, and can not see the map until you are down.
  13. Minac

    Launcher Improvement Requests

    Yes. Good idea.
  14. Members of the Arena! Welcome to the official The Forge Arena Community forums! I am very stoked to launch our forums. I believe it was long overdue. I do like Discord, and I believe it is amazing for voice & text chats, but def. not the best for anything that comes about support, announcements & especially keeping track of things that have been solved, discussed numerous times. So basically it is not very structured. This is why I believe these forums will help the community, and especially on the support side. All reported issues will be discussed, and possibly resolved. Once Resolved, we will put a RESOLVED tag in front of the topic tittle, and make sure to pin them to top, so new comers that experience issues with the launcher or the game, can find solutions quickly. Over the next days, I will be cleaning the Discord with things that we are not going to use anymore, and we will keep the forums straight for the voice & text chats. Please note that you can create an account by logging in with your Discord account. It takes 2 steps, and links your Discord account directly to the forums! Looking forward to the success of these forums. Make sure to participate.
  15. Members of the Arena! We are excited to announce a Halloween Contest. Goal: Carve a Pumpkin to represent The Forge Arena in some way, and you can get a chance to win our upcoming Pumpkin Grenade! Enter here: https://gleam.io/ftmlL/halloween-contest-carve-a-tfa-pumpkin-win-a-pumpkin-grenade Good luck & Have Fun!
  16. Minac

    A shoulder to lean on.

    Welcome to the arena brother. Enjoy!
  17. Minac

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    Yeah. Same I really like Gary Vee Playlist on Spotify
  18. Minac

    Patch Note 1.2.16

    Oh yeahhh
  19. Minac

    Error code when trying to join a game.

    Awesome. Let us know if this fixes it
  20. Minac

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    I like to listen to pretty much anything. I have a lot of variety in my playlist on Spotify.
  21. Minac

    Improving game

    Hello XR_Gamer Thank you for your suggestions. 1. We are planning to release more casual game modes, as well as we are going to allow private/public game servers to be hosted. Meaning that you could make your own TFA dedicated server, and do whatever you want with it. For the moment, we have other priorities, but this is definitely in the pipeline. 2. We are not going to say how many players in Queue for the moment, but in the future, Yes. 3. We are going to have skins for characters. 4. No cases or loot boxes will EVER be in The Forge Arena. 5. There are Objectives that you can grind and you will get a token. We are going to have an exclusive marketplace in the launcher for people to redeem their tokens for in-game content, or third party partner gift cards, or other physical products. If you buy the battle pass, you will be able to receive free content every 5 levels.
  22. Minac

    error fix

    What was your issue and how did it get resolved @timtenhave? I am glad @Fear helped you on this one.