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    Exclusive Membership Program Pay (n) amount for monthly membership to help support the game. Rewards (n) Sparks per Month (1) Exclusive Supporter Skin per Month (n) Exclusive Challenges for Supporters to earn Tokens Private Membership section on the Official Forum (For discussions / ideas / direct communication) with the development team. @Minac Please let me know what you think of this idea, it is something that I would be more than happy to do personally which is why I wanted to make a suggestions of incorporating this into the community as a way to help support the development of the game. Obviously it is not a requirement, but for those that want to help support the development of the game it gives them a way to do so while also getting small rewards in exchange.
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    Here is an idea I had a couple months ago which most likely got lost in the Discord #community-input section : Servers displayed BY A SORTABLE LIST. Servers contained would include : Phoenix Rising Studio Servers from MM and 3RD Party Servers Attributes displayed for each server : Server name / Player Count (X players out of Y total, X/Y) / Mode (Considering you guys talked about making multiple modes in the future) / Provider (Phoenix Rising Studio or name of the authorized 3rd party) / Client's ping on this server / Server's Region / surely some others I didn't think of just now Every attribute can be sorted to ease the client's work. Adding filters would also ease the client's work. MM games would basically search from the pool of active mm servers or to be created ones to transfer players in queue. Let me know what you guys think about this idea!
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    Basically I found the following while playing: 1. Gun would not fire sometimes after looking down sites 2. Getting shot thru walls 3. Incorrect Animations on others after sliding down the pyramid. They would have rocks and debris following them all over the map. 4. Quick Reload Hacks for Guns. Switching from AR while loading to knife and then back again would finish the reload animation. 5. Sometimes after getting killed while shooting, when you reload into waiting area gun would fire almost the whole clip without user pressing the buttons to fire. That is about all that I can think of right now. But over all feels much better other then the armor issue.
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    You do not need to find a party before pressing play. Just Press Play and wait for a game to be found. In the future, we will add server lists for our casual modes and training modes. For now, the userbase is small, so it takes some time to find a game.