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  2. rageslayer


    hi its me ya boy
  3. cmdRua

    Phase II of Early Access

    Guys, i registered on Early Access phase I , but I did not play not one match , becouse in EU not enough players , 10 minutes in queue and leave the game. Question: I will receive a gift ? =))))
  4. Fear

    Phase II of Early Access

    @Minac, Really looking forward to the amazing improvements that Phase II will bring to the game as a whole but also the overall growth of the community. I am also really looking forward to a more complete and solid feeling game because of all the Q/A testing that you are planning on doing in order to catch the problems before releasing into Phase II. I feel it is absolutely important that you are making sure the game feels fluid in performance, looks good, and ultimately functions as intended. If this means the servers being down for a while, then so be it.. because this is one of the biggest and smartest decision that you have made for the overall game. So many people were coming and going, and we had no real way to retain those players, we could only offer hopes of better stuff in the future. Really looking forward to seeing the results of a Q/A driven Phase II and what is brought to the table. I have been talking about how important the Q/A testing really is since the time I joined this community. Looks like 2019 is going to be a big year for The Forge Arena, and more importantly that Phase II of Early Access is where it will happen! -See you in the arena soon!
  5. Yuppy

    Phase II of Early Access

    I mean't it in a good way as in it is good and exciting that you guys make a decision like this so allow for your game to get better as all this info allows for better gameplay.
  6. Minac

    Phase II of Early Access

    Members of the Arena! We would like to say a huge thank you to all the tens of thousands of players who played the game during our Phase I of Early Access: Exodus. We had some amazing feedback & suggestions in terms of what needs to be added and changed in the game, to make it even better, to get the game closer to an official launch. Today we are announcing the closing of our servers until Phase II of Early Access. During that time, we will be working on a huge number of new features, upgrades & changes in the Arena, that will make your experience even better. Here are a couple of features & changes that you can expect in the upcoming weeks: - Deathmatch Mode: This is one of the most important updates that we are looking to do. Any competitive games must have a casual mode for players to train, get to know the game, and feel comfortable enough with the mechanics before getting themselves into the competitive aspect of the game. - Deathmatch Map: We are working on an entirely new map, adapted for a Team Deathmatch mode. This new map will be 100% made from scratch by our talented and creative developers & artists. - Weapon Balancing & Identity: After a couple of months of Phase I of the Early Access, we believe we know the goods & bad of every single weapon currently available in the game. We are going to give an identity to each one of them, make some changes when it comes to damages, add critical hits, and make sure that they all have a purpose. - New Weapons: Currently, we are planning to make the Famas a burst weapon. We are also thinking about removing the USP and replace it with a burst pistol. Additionally, to those two new weapons, we are possibly going to introduce the M1 Sniper Rifle & Tomahawk Melee. As we advance in our development, we will let you guys know what new weapons & changes you can expect. - Challenges & Tokens: We are going to introduce over 100 new challenges that free & paid players can grind in game. Once those challenges completed, you will claim your tokens. Those tokens will be used in the Market to purchase limited edition items & products. The first limited edition item will feature the Anubis Character Skin, available until the end of Exodus Battle Pass. - Market: We will continue to release a batch of 5 skins every 4 days, but we will also have an official market in the launcher, which will allow you to purchase weapon skins (except the Legendary ones). You will also be able to sell your skins for sparks. Last and not least, we are going to introduce some limited-edition items & products into the market. Those items, you can only redeem them with Tokens. - Trading: This is one of the most anticipated features. Trading in The Forge Arena will work through WAX Express Trade. Players will be able to trade between each other, as well as put their items in their WAX Express Trade Inventory. Once they have done that, they will be able to sell their skins on opskins.com, the #1 marketplace to sell/buy your digital items. - FPS Improvement: We will constantly work on improving FPS on all our maps. Past few updates, you can see that we worked a lot on the new lightning, and it has already improved the performance by a lot. We will try to make sure once Phase II is released, that we have the most optimized game possible. - New Launcher: We are going to introduce a new launcher design. This new design is much more intuitive and user friendly. Your experience with the new launcher alone will be improved, and you can expect also the launcher to be much more performant. - NVIDIA Highlights: During Phase II of our Early Access, you will be able to use NVIDIA Highlights, which will record specific moments of your game, and offer you to save those videos, or share them on your social media. The Forge Arena have been involved with NVIDIA in a partnership since its early days, so we are looking forward providing our players with their amazing technologies. - New Installer: One of the biggest issues we had over the past months is the installer/downloader. Trying to download the game but freezing at random percentages. We are going to entirely recode the installer, to make sure the installation process is smooth & efficient. - Ringer System: Will allow players to act as a ringer and fill in available slots in games that are already in motion. Players that decide to queue as a ringer will have insensitive to do so. Indeed, all ringers will receive more experience at the end of the games. Making them grind the battle pass & unlocking new content faster. - Reconnect System: Will allow players that crash or having issues with connectivity, rejoin the game in motion within a specific timeframe. If they fail to reconnect within that timeframe, they will receive a penalty for leaving the game. This feature will help a lot with players who leave for no reason and make it easier for other members of the arena to queue with people that really want to play and finish their games. - Much More! We are not going to keep ourselves from working on even more updates & features. You can expect Phase II of Early Access to be very solid, and a much more improved version of the game. As you can see, we have a lot of amazing features & updates coming for Phase II. We would like to thank you all once again, and to do that, we are going to give every single one of you some amazing exclusive content: - Exclusive Chat Icon for Phase I of Early Access - Exclusive Profile Picture - Limited Edition Weapon Skin. You won't see that skin in the item shop. - Free Sparks up to 2500 Sparks per player. - Free Tokens up to 200 Tokens per player. Note that we will also give Free Sparks & Tokens to Top 25 in the Leaderboards. Players who grinded the Battle Pass over level 100 will also receive extra tokens for every level exceeding Level 100. It is to note that the Leaderboards will be reset for Phase II and we will introduce Weekly & Monthly Ladders in our new Leaderboards, with Weekly & Monthly Prizes (Sparks, Skins & Tokens). We will keep you guys up to date on our social media, especially the Discord Server. We are going to need some people to do some testing with us, as we release those new features & updates. Everyone who is interested to sign up to be a tester, please send me a Discord private message and I will respond to you as fast as I can. Let's make it happen members of the Arena! The future is bright. Best Regards, Minac Your Janitor in Chief.
  7. Minac

    Patch Note 1.2.34

    PATCH NOTES - v1.2.34 GAME CLIENT - Nothing to report GAMEPLAY - Fixed Bug: Not being allowed to switch weapons when you throw a frag/smoke. SKINS - New batch of skins 2018-12-07. Get them before they are out of the shop! LAUNCHER - Added New batch of Skins to the Item Shop.
  8. Minac

    Patch Note 1.2.33

    PATCH NOTES - v1.2.33 GAME CLIENT - Nothing to report GAMEPLAY - Fixed Bug: Not being allowed to switch weapons when you throw a frag/smoke. SKINS - New batch of skins 2018-12-03. Get them before they are out of the shop! LAUNCHER - Added New batch of Skins to the Item Shop.
  9. Minac

    Exclusive Membership Program

    Not sure about that one. We already overload our users with things they can purchase to support the game: Battle Pass, Weekly Skins & Sparks. I think we are going to pass on this idea, simply because at the end of the day, our goal is to create a fun environment, where players can also not spend a single dime, and be able to have fun and acquire skins, sparks and battle pass for free. I have recently announced on Discord that we are going to add more objectives for people to grind (free to do so) and with the tokens they receive for completing objectives, they will be able to redeem real life items, sparks, battle pass, specific set of skins, as well as any third party partners products. We do appreciate your feedback and suggestion. It is not a bad one Just not something I believe is required.
  10. Tex (Vapin Gamers)

    Exclusive Membership Program

    I would probably be down for something like this as well. Just all depends on cost etc.
  11. Exclusive Membership Program Pay (n) amount for monthly membership to help support the game. Rewards (n) Sparks per Month (1) Exclusive Supporter Skin per Month (n) Exclusive Challenges for Supporters to earn Tokens Private Membership section on the Official Forum (For discussions / ideas / direct communication) with the development team. @Minac Please let me know what you think of this idea, it is something that I would be more than happy to do personally which is why I wanted to make a suggestions of incorporating this into the community as a way to help support the development of the game. Obviously it is not a requirement, but for those that want to help support the development of the game it gives them a way to do so while also getting small rewards in exchange.
  12. Minac

    Reload bug

    Will investigate.
  13. Minac

    Patch Note 1.2.31

    PATCH NOTES - v1.2.31 GAME CLIENT - Nothing to report. GAMEPLAY - Nothing to report. SKINS - New batch of skins 2018-11-26. Get them before they are out of the shop! LAUNCHER - Added New batch of Skins to the Item Shop.
  14. Messy 💔

    Reload bug

    for some reason on the ak and the deagle i have to empty out my mag before i can even reload?
  15. Minac

    Shop buying glitch

    Yeah we know that issue. Will get this resolved. EDIT: Should be fixed now. Try again.
  16. Smit

    Shop buying glitch

    If artur or andrei reads this and needs my accnt info to log in and see what the issue is, be sure to buy me the glock and knife before they go bye bye
  17. Smit

    Shop buying glitch

    Click on purchase for a skin in the shop and then this happens https://gyazo.com/766f38d7624c6e4214dc3d894f7b03c1
  18. Minac

    Ingame Countdown Broke

    Server Side Issue. We are aware of it. Thanks for reporting that issue
  19. Fear

    Recent Bugs

    Not certain what causing the gun to jam when firing , but it is a very random unpredictable error that does exist in the game. I have never seen any issues where getting shot through walls is a thing aside from if the level did not load for the user at which point they are no longer seeing the walls or anything just everyone in the map. I am curious about this "Reload Hacks" because I have tried doing reload cancels to quick reload, and it has not yet worked for me. That last problem has to do with the player input buffer not being cleared on death. I have noticed it occurring quite often, and although it is not a major game breaking issue it does need resolved. Keep finding and reporting those bugs!
  20. Fear

    Ingame Countdown Broke

    Yeah this happens sometimes though rare, and unfortunately the only solution is for everyone to quit out. Might be hard to locate the cause for this particular problem.
  21. Fear

    Battle Pass Progression Bug

    Yes, this is a known issue Just try not to repeatedly click the claim button. People have been advised against this when it was originally brought up. Accidents happen, when things are not quite working correctly, but I am sure anyone caught exploiting this will have a penalty.
  22. Fear

    Patch Note 1.2.28

    I really like the feel of the slide with the particles, and I don't know how many people actually use it but I love the ability to tap Q to switch between two specific weapons selections. But further more I really love the changes to the bomb plant and defuse, to be honest I would like to see something more done with the planting.. but I love the defuse gun. I am absolutely without a doubt 100% a big fan of the Report a Bug button in the menu now. I feel like that is something that should have existed from the very beginning of the games, because it is absolutely vital to allow people to easily report bugs.
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